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Kona Joe’s Health Shack was founded by two fun loving sisters & best friends Kelly and Janelle. They share the same passions, interests & a very special bond. Kona Joe’s was established in 2015 with the first Mobile Cocowhip and Acai bar to hit Australia.

The idea grew from the first trip to Hawaii in 2012 where they fell in love with the powerful little purple berry called Acai and the Hawaiian culture. From there they combined their knowledge, creativity and their love of healthy food to create a unique superfood Shack unlike no other. An innovative, effective & delicious menu, which is full of flavour and good for your insides.

Kelly & Janelle have created a vibe & brought a little bit of the Hawaiian culture to Australia. Their love of life, dedication, positive, inspirational vibes provides you with a welcoming fun atmosphere.

“Our personal WHY inspires us every day and that is our Dad. He was the happiest we had ever seen him when we took him to Hawaii. When we were in Kona, Hawaii we came up with a nickname for Dad “Kona Joe” which we still call him to this day - hence this is where the name Kona Joe’s Health Shack came from. A few months after our trip to Hawaii Dad was fighting for this life after a sudden major stroke. We are very grateful he is still with us today and all the happy memories we had in Hawaii will always remain in our hearts. This is where our inspiration for educating as many lives as we can to choose a healthy lifestyle with healthy food. Mahalo