We are a popular superfood food truck located in Dunsborough Western Australia, known for our delicious Acai bowls & Cocowhip sundaes. You will also find a delightful range of hot drinks, coffee, smoothies and raw treats. Our menu is completely vegan aswell as gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.

We believe in living a healthy and active lifestyle supported by a nutritious diet. Our motto is “Good Food = Good Mood”. Eating nutrient dense foods can not only make you feel wonderful, but may even reduce your risk of certain chronic health conditions. Our range of delicious food which will leave you feeling energised and guilt free.


our vision

is to impact as many lives as we can through educating the world to make better food choices & inspiring others to live their dreams.

- Kelly & Janelle

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As well as being passionate about creating healthy delicious food, we are also just as passionate about our planet earth. We only have one and we want to keep it beautiful for future generations.


who we donate to

Kona Joes Health Shack is proud to give back to the local community and various foundations. We donate regularly and create awareness for the stroke foundation as this is close to our heart. We also donate to the Balu Blue foundation which is a non for profit organisation which rescues native wildlife and restores destroyed habitats.

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byo bowl for discount on your next acai bowl

We do our best by using all biodegradable packaging but we also strongly encourage all of our customers to bring their own bowl and reusable coffee cup. We offer discounts for those that BYO bowl or cup.


re-usable coconut bowls - NOW AVAILABLE IN STORE

We are now selling Kona Joes branded coconut bowls, they are available to purchase in store and make the perfect gift for acai bowl lovers. Stay tuned for more eco friendly merchandise coming soon.